Admin CFO customizes each client’s service to provide up to the full suite of services to administer your special-purpose entity. Unburden your taxpayer-funded staff and resources – keep your project costs low and entirely covered by the revenue of your project.


  • Coordinate and manage Texas Open Meetings Act-compliant board meetings
  • Coordinate with the entity’s legal counsel, project operator, ratings agencies, investors, consultants, accountants, auditors, advisors and all other professionals engaged by the entity
  • Pay administrative expenses pursuant to an approved administrative budget
  • Review and approve the regular distribution of revenues to the project operator
  • Serve as the entity’s primary liaison to the bond trustee and bond counsel


  • Draft mandatory and voluntary disclosure notices and on the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s EMMA system
  • Build and maintain public-facing webpages with project-related finance and compliance information
  • Develop and implement a records retention policy in compliance with the Texas Public Information Act
  • Coordinate with the entity’s Investment Officer for project-related data needed for compliance with the Texas Public Funds Investment Act
  • Serve as the primary point of contact responsible for responding to inquiries related to matters involving the project under the Texas Public Information Act
  • Monitor ongoing compliance with any performance tests, including debt service coverage ratios
  • Monitor and coordinate compliance by the entity, the project operator, the bond trustee, and any other vendors as defined in the project’s agreements
  • Provide any other reports reasonably requested by the entity related to the project


  • Develop and maintain an ongoing forward-looking analysis of revenues, operating cash flow, reserves, capital sufficiency, and debt service coverage ratios
  • Develop and propose an annual administrative budget
  • Review and make recommendations regarding the project’s operating and capital budget for each operating year
  • Review quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Review and approve necessary transfers between reserve funds and to the entity


  • Coordinate with the project operator regarding ongoing capital projects and routine repairs
  • Review and develop regular reports required of the project operator
  • Develop regular reports required by the bond trustee
  • Review and approve requisitions submitted by the project operator